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[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Air Filter blocked
Clean or replace the air filter
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Exhaust gas leaking from manifold
Replace the gaskets and manifold
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Excessive Engine Oil Consumptio
Replace or adjust faulty components
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Boost pressure too high
Boost pressure control valve is closed- Hoses split or incorrectly fitted
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Exhaust Smoke – Excessive White Smoke
Check intercooler
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Noisy Turbocharger
Damaged internal turbocharger components – impact damage
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Exhaust Smoke – Excessive Blue/Black Smoke
Damaged Internal Turbo parts
[ 2013-05-13 ] Problem:Low Boost
Check the waste gate, and whether the actuator is operating correctly.
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