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[ 2014-12-26 ] 2014 Automechanika Frankfurt
[ 2014-11-10 ] MZ TURBO's Successful Show in AAPEX
After a long preparation for AAPEX, MZ TURBO arrived Las Vegas for the international exhibition. Three days in America is a pleasant journey for us. AAPEX represents the $ 395 billion global automotive aftermarket, attracting 128,000 professionals around the...
[ 2014-10-10 ] MZ TURBO IN AAPEX 2014
Date: 04.11.2014-06.11.2014 City: Las Vegas Booth: 8862 Venue: Sands Expo & Cpnvention Center 201, Sands Avenue Las Vegas United States of America A wide range of automotive items and equipments which are of advanced technology will exhibit in AAPEX. ...
[ 2014-09-19 ] MZ TURBO's 3rd time in Automechanika Frankfurt
Automechanika Frankfurt has been on for 3 days. That is worth the third large exhibition center in the world. With 4,631 exhibitors, Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 sees a new record. With 14 events around the world, Automechanika is the leading trade-fair brand...
Automechanika Frankfurt is the third large exhibition center in the world, composed by 10 exhibition halls, covers an area of 470,000 square meters. 321,000 square meters of indoor exhibition space, 90,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition. It is easy to fi...
[ 2014-08-21 ] MZ TURBO’s Special Souvenir for Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 in Hall:4.1 Stand:B31
MZ TURBO in Automechanika Frankfurt at Hall:4.1 Stand:B31
[ 2014-08-19 ] MZ TURBO at Automechanika Frankfurt 2014
 Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 Leading International Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry
[ 2014-07-14 ] MZ TURBO's Half Price Frankfurt Sample Call for Your Interaction
MZ TURBO is in an active preparation for the following 2014 Automechanika Frankfurt. According our customers’ responds, we will carry 24 sample turbochargers for you. Here’s the list of samples. Reference...
[ 2014-07-09 ] Find a reliable supplier in an exhibition
How to find a reliable supplier for you business? There are some factors you really need to take into consideration.
[ 2014-07-04 ] MZ TURBO will Attend the Automechanika Frankfurt 2014 in September
MZ TURBO is going to attend the Automechanika Frankfurt held in Frankfurt in the following September.
[ 2014-07-01 ] MZ BENZ TURBO and MZ BMW TURBO supply for Mercedes and BMW
MZ new products GTA1852VK for benz and TF035HL for bmw turbo
[ 2014-06-24 ] How to read a turbo compressor map
When it comes to building boost, compressor wheel selection is the make-or-break decision facing the pressure-craving enthusiast. Too often ego enters the equation and when starry eyed enthusiasts run big wheels, performance is the loser.
[ 2014-06-12 ] MZ TURBO TIP: Choosing the Right Type of Motor Oil
Often times a manufacturer will suggest two or more motor oil viscosities for an engine, such as a 5W-20 or 5W-30, based on several different factors -- including temperature. The reason for this is that engines often need a different viscosity based on operat...
[ 2014-05-28 ] What is trim about turbocharger?
Trim is a common term used when talking about or describing turbochargers. For example, you may hear someone say "I have a GT2871R ' 56 Trim ' turbocharger. What is 'Trim?' Trim is a term to express the relationship between the inducer* and exducer* of bo...
[ 2014-05-27 ] How to Save Fuel for Drivers
Good car condition is the fundamental of fuel economy. Realistically speaking, many of us "amateur driver" take very good care of the vehicle. However, because of the lack of car knowledge, many people take good care of the vehicle is limited to the ...
[ 2014-05-21 ] MZ Tip: What is A/R about turbocharger?
  A/R describes a geometric characteristic of all compressor and turbine housings. It is defined as the inlet cross-sectional area divided by the radius from the turbo centerline to the centroid of that area. Compressor A/R - Compressor performance...
[ 2014-05-19 ] MZ BMW Turbo TF035HL Coming Soon
BMW Turbo TF035HL is a newly launched product of MZ Turbo which appealing to the hot market. It is applied to BMW 120D (E87) or 320D (E90/E91).
[ 2014-04-08 ] The History of Miracle MINI
1956 Suez war, oil crisis enveloped the United Kingdom, the British Motor Corporation (BMC) hired a famous automobile designer Issigonis when the British popular large cars, but he was clearly a need for a more economical car, require the company to complete t...
[ 2014-03-31 ] Why You Really Shouldn't Run Jet Fuel In Your Car
Most gearheads have probably heard stories about running jet fuel in cars for instant, magical speed increases. If you look online, the question comes up pretty often. The same goes for other exotic fuels, like aviation gasoline and Pegasus urine. So what's the truth here? Is jet fuel a magic speed-serum?
 Always establish the cause of failure before fitting a replacement unit.  The 7 most common failures are:  1. Oil starvation,  2. Oil conta...
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