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[ 2014-03-17 ] Analysis on the problem of oil leakage of turbocharger
Along with the increasing of the turbocharged engine, the proper use of the vast number of users on the turbocharger has certain understanding. But there are still common faults of turbocharger many users -- the problem of oil leakage, correct judgment and analysis can not.
[ 2014-03-15 ] How to choose the right turbocharger (3) — Turbocharger & Turbo Parts Group
This article is a bit more involved and will describe parts of the compressor map, how to estimate pressure ratio and mass flow rate for your engine, and how to plot the points on the maps to help choose the right turbocharger. Have your calculator handy!!
[ 2014-03-13 ] How to choose the right turbocharger (2) — Turbocharger & Turbo Parts Group
Turbocharger systems are a complex combination of many different parts. From the turbo itself and intercooler to the fuel management system and the quality of the engine’s internal components, a vehicle must have many different things just in the right order to run properly.
[ 2014-03-11 ] How to choose the right turbocharger (1) — Turbocharger & Turbo Parts Group
tips to help you search a right turbocharger
[ 2014-03-07 ] MZ MINI COOPER S TURBO for BMW
Equipped with MZ MINI Cooper Turbo made by Wuxi Mingzhu Turbocharger Manufacturing Co., Ltd.,promote engine more efficiently and increase the power. Ensure you the latest and greatest with good power and an enjoyable daily drive
[ 2014-03-03 ] Tips: How Turbochargers Work
MZ Turbo will show some tips about turbochargers
[ 2013-12-19 ] MZ Turbo participated in Automechanika Shanghai (AMS) for the 4th Year
MZ Turbo participated in AMS, and its items on display are popular among the customers and of high appreciation.
[ 2013-12-07 ] MZ Turbocharger Will Bring a Series of Events to Automechanika Shanghai 2013
the folklore of the special gifts of China
[ 2013-12-04 ] MZ Turbocharger Will be Exhibited in Automechanika Shanghai 2013
Automechanika Shanghai 2013 is coming,MZ turbocharger is preparing for the international trade fair.Glad to see you on the show.
[ 2013-05-13 ] Wuxi Cummings 700th million units turbocharger line
Wuxi Cummins Turbo Technologies Co Ltd announced 700th million units turbocharger line. With a variable geometry
[ 2013-05-13 ] Turbocharger wounded crew sea patrol boat pass by to escape
Yesterday, a ship from Hunan to the Yangtze River ship Baishazhou bridge waters, the
[ 2013-05-13 ] The working principle of the turbocharger
In the turbo engine has a turbocharger, the working principle of the turbocharger is not complex
[ 2013-05-13 ] Turbocharged cars car mistakes don't arbitrarily change the oil
Turbocharger is a term for having heard it many times for every fans. In this age of soaring petrol prices, turbocharger
[ 2013-05-13 ] Will soar turbo engine, the next 5 years usage
All along, the turbocharged engine (English abbreviation T) vehicle development is restrained
[ 2013-05-13 ] Or shorten the engine life should be cautious with turbocharger
Before and after the Spring Festival, Harbin city much home garage played turbocharging device adapted for automobile
[ 2013-05-13 ] Turbocharger: environmental protection from the "villain" environmental protection "trump card"
Mechanical supercharger does not occur response delay characteristics won acclaim, and was "miniaturization
[ 2013-05-13 ] Special Minebea turbocharger launch high heat resistant bearing
As we know, the turbocharger turbine and impeller is coaxial, the shaft outside the set of a bearing
[ 2013-05-13 ] Turbo models daily driving and maintenance considerations
Now more and more vehicles with the turbocharged engine, FAW Volkswagen, FAW Audi, Shanghai GM
[ 2013-05-13 ] Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or will improve turbocharger production in China
Reported in May 8th, Japan Mitsubishi Heavy Industries such as the automobile turbocharger production
[ 2013-05-13 ] Japanese companies to develop China's environmental protection car market with turbocharger
Japanese auto turbocharger turbocharger manufacturers will expand production capacity in china. Mitsubishi
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