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MZ BMW Turbo TF035HL Coming Soon

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MZ BMW Turbo TF035HL is a newly launched product of MZ Turbo which appealing to the hot market. It is applied to BMW 120D (E87) or 320D (E90/E91).

BMW’s "D" represents unique, high rates: Each BMW diesel engines, either four, six or eight-cylinder, provide excellent power and excellent fuel efficiency.

The highly flammable fuel diesel engine (diesel) transfer the chemical energy into mechanical energy with remarkable efficiency and low exhaust emissions. It has a small fuel consumption, high torque at low engine speed and long life, especially for a variety of excursions.


On the supercar or on the high-performance cars and commercial vehicles, more and more car brands are choosing turbocharged engine as the main power car. BMW choose the naturally aspirated engine for a long time. This engine can be provided to most smooth acceleration, the operation also provide the most original driving experience. But with the increasingly stringent emission regulations, BMW had to start phasing out the naturally aspirated engine in exchange for better fuel economy. Due to the operating characteristics of a turbocharged engine it reflects more rapid acceleration performance. And the diesel engine with turbocharger technology provide fuel economy.

The application of turbocharger and direct injection brings the torque output capability stronger and more durable.

The new engine turbocharged technology is an advantage in reflecting the broad torque output in the initial stage. We will feel more obvious sense of pushing back. The turbine stimulates the increasing adrenaline, forcing you to constantly accelerating. 


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