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a) Open this packing, you will find this manual and turbocharger. Read this manual before your use.
b) Check the turbocharger. If you find any demolishment or distortion, please return it to the dealer at once. Don’t load any force on its decompressor when carrying the turbocharger.
c) Any laypeople are not allowed to disassemble the turbocharger. Before install the turbocharger on the engine, you must lubricate it. Input the clean oil at the entrance of the oil drain and turn the “shaft and wheel” by hand.
d) Good engine oil is important for the turbocharger. It must be 40CD at least.
e) Install the turbocharger on the engine, make sure that it is fastened and sealed at the connection. Otherwise it causes to howl and leaking oil.
f) After you start the engine, keep idling for 3~5 minutes. It will make the turbocharger lubricated completely. And you should also keep idling 3~5minutes before you shut the engine. It can avoid the oil coked and the bearing burned. If you often operate it incorrectly, its life will be reduced.
g) Don’t keep idling over 10~15minutes. Otherwise it would cause leaking oil at the end of “compressor wheel”.
h) Keep the oil pressure in the range of manufacturer’s parameter.
i) Forbid to operate the engine “accelerate, flameout, slide”. It would make the turbocharger run short of oil.

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