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How to Save Fuel for Drivers

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Good car condition is the fundamental of fuel economy. Realistically speaking, many of us "amateur driver" take very good care of the vehicle. However, because of the lack of car knowledge, many people take good care of the vehicle is limited to the cleaness, while other aspects are often overlooked. In fact, the science of car maintenance can achieve the objective of saving. For example, when the wheel bearings should be oiled, but some owners may not know until the bearing worn out. Wheel bearings without oil, friction will increase, fuel consumption increases, and car brakes can not return, brake pads and drum brake driving in friction state, fuel consumption should be increased naturally. It causes wheel alignment is not normal and resulting in tire wear abnormally. It is also one of the reasons of increased fuel consumption.
The abnormal of engine ignition system also makes a great affect on fuel consumption, such as ignition timing inaccuracy, high-voltage leakage, ignition spark plug fouling caused ignition weak and so will reduce engine combustion efficiency, increased fuel consumption.

A bad driving habits
1.1 scramble driving habits
In everyday driving, especially in poor traffic, waiting light and when changing lanes, common to this phenomenon: the adjacent lane just have a point of air when a car suddenly accelerated side squeeze passed, it may not be passed do not hit the brakes. Stay a while, here lane free then he stepped on the accelerator and a squeeze back. Such as a signal that he can hard accelerate, emergency stop four or five times. It looked very chic, very impressive , very cool, but at the cost of greatly increased fuel consumption. The increasing of the number fuel that experts have done to accelerate with fuel consumption test: let the constant speed of vehicles entering the test section, the test driver with the throttle in the end, after the completion of specified discovery distance traveled, fuel consumption increased to 2 to 3 times higher than constant speed.
1.2 low -speed long-distance driving habits
This occurred in the novice driver who often easily distracted driving person. Three-block long-distance high-speed driving, fuel consumption increases 10% than the four-block normal traffic, and if instead three of two-block, fuel consumption will increase more.
Hyundai has provisions for shifting, engine speed must reach the required number of revolutions before upshifts, which is to protect the engine. But some people go to extremes, until the engine rpm exceeds the number adding the block, which will cause fuel waste. Experts believe say that low speed certainly cost oil and high gear low fuel.
1.3 unnecessarily high speed
The maximum speed of each country in the world for ordinary road almost every limit, the United States is 55 miles ( 88.5 km ) , good road sections relaxed to 65 miles ( 105 kilometers ) . So, American cars and whose goal is to enter the American market are in the design of both models in the 90 km when the fuel consumption to a minimum. This is what we call economic speed. Any car has a economic speed, the most fuel-efficient speeds. But many people in the highway , will greatly exceed this rate, neither safe nor economical. If Buick GS sedan at 70 km per hour , the fuel consumption is 6.47 liters. While reaching 120 kilometers per hour, fuel consumption increases to 9.46 liters. While if it reaches its maximum speed of 200 km, fuel consumption also increased significantly.
One thing to note is that the poor driving habits make a greater impact on high consumption vehicles because of the large power reserve , the strong ability of acceleration and speed to open up the driver dared to do the movements, interested in the ultra-high speed .
2 Note that problem
2.1 If you find the car in motion now sliding distance was significantly reduced, then you should check the tire pressure if it is in compliance with the standard atmospheric pressure. If underinflated tires, fuel consumption will increase. Tip: Timely sufficient gas for the tires.
2.2 Check tire wear, tire wear if severe, it will often appear slip phenomenon, increasing fuel consumption. Tip: You can replace new tires when necessary.
2.3 Wheels have found abnormal noise when you start in motion, should promptly check the bearing and the brake system is faulty. If the rotation of the wheels is not normal, it will affect the speed, fuel consumption increased. Hint: check bearings and brake systems.
2.4 Clutch slip will make the speed of the engine artificially high. When you find that the engine tachometer increased rapidly, but the speed increases very slow, then you can confirm that the clutch slip. Tip: Need to replace the clutch disc , clutch pressure plate and the drive wheels.
2.5 When your car has been running three hundred thousand kilometers, usually appear cylinder pressure shortage, then fuel consumption will increase significantly. Tip: If such a failure does occur, then you need to overhaul the engine.
2.6 If the spark plug used too long time, the high fuel consumption phenomenon will occur. Because the damaged spark make the plug ignition energy decrease and the car speed slows down, resulting in a significant increase gasoline consumption. Tip : You should change the spark plugs .
2.7 If the vehicle is idling jitter, poor acceleration, engine deposits may be too much, this will be accompanied by increased fuel consumption.

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